Brandon Lipman wrote his book while in  kindergarten, with his mother as co-author.

It was his dream to help his classmates understand what it feels like having a cleft lip and palate. Brandon was recognized by The Disney Corp. when he won the  “Dreamers and Doers Award” for the publishing of MY PUZZLING SMILE.

· Empower your cleft-affected child so when asked about what makes your child different they can explain more easily

· Ideal for siblings of a cleft-affected child

· This book celebrates personal differences and helps reduce bullying by peers

· It is simple to read love it

· Hundreds of copies to date have been purchased by principals and diversity programs as well as “cleft support groups.”








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From Karen Lipman, Mother and Author…

“Having a cleft-affected newborn can be traumatic. When our son was born we wanted proof that our child could someday have a relatively ‘normal’ appearance. Unfortunately, outdated clinical photographs were all the hospital had to show us. Like most parents in our situation seeing these images was disheartening and frightening. There was no doubt we could provide a better way to offer comfort, understanding and visual evidence of what results may occur after a child’s cleft repair. Our book, Don’t Despair Cleft Repair is now available to help you and your family when you need it most.”

This book depicts our family’s heartfelt feelings and a dramatic photojournalistic “first hand” account of our cleft-affected child’s two year transformation. It encourages siblings, grandparents, friends and parents with an optimistic outlook throughout it’s twelve chapters and countless photographs. The story is touching and rings true to others going through a similar situation. The adjustment period and acceptance can create a challenge, but it can be overcome with a positive attitude.

One craniofacial team coordinator commented, “This book deserves recognition! The personal needs of the parents of cleft-affected newborns and family members are more ‘difficult to treat’, especially post-birth! This book offers a new message...talking parent-to-parent. Many have shared their gratitude for having this book available to them.”

Don’t Despair Cleft Repair has helped countless families  and caretakers nationally and worldwide. The parent-to-parent support truly makes a difference. WE are delighted that it  has been recommended by hospitals, plastic surgeons, parents, and cleft support groups. It is amazing how a book can help others with a simple message:




Wide Smiles